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Krombacher International 2014 – a brief review

2014 was a historic and phenomenally successful year for Krombacher International. With an annual growth rate of 5.7%, the magic 200,000 HL hurdle has been hit for the first time ever. Krombacher premium beers are now available to consumers in more than 70 different countries around the world.

The highest volume was achieved in Italy which represents a share on total Krombacher International sales of 20%. The first rank is followed by Spain (14%), Russia (8%), U.K. (6%), South Korea (5%), the Netherlands (5%), the U.S.A (5%), France and China (4% each).

A new continent – South America – has been entered with a focus on Brazil where Krombacher founded a subsidiary and employed a local sales manager.

Pils as the Krombacher flagship is by far the most popular product. Its sales amounted to 80% on total sales. The portofolio is completed by Weizen (15%), Pils non-alcoholic (4%), Dark (3%), Radler (2%), Hell (1%) and Weizen non alcoholic (1%).

On an international basis, Krombacher is clearly an on-trade brand, as roughly 50% of total sales have been realized in a kegged formate. getmetaz.xyz current utc time Bottled beer made up for 29%, cans amounted to 16% and our party SKUs reached the 6% hurdle.

We would like to say „Thank you“ to all members of the global Krombacher family. It’s you who enabled us to obtain this historic result! With this in mind, let’s roll up our sleeves and continue to write the Krombacher International success story!