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Krombacher Pils Non-Alcoholic and Weizen Non-Alcoholic score highly within their categories at a recent “Low ABV Beers” blind tasting organised by Imbibe, the award-winning magazine for the UK On-Trade.

The results were published in the May/June edition as part of the magazine’s Tasting & Matching feature. Beers below 2.8% abv were invited in from brewers and distributors. These were flighted broadly by style, and tasted blind. Beers were marked out of 20 and the scores then collated to give a mark out of 100.

Not only is Krombacher Pils Non-Alcoholic the most popular Non-Alcoholic Pils in Germany, but it also seemed to meet the taste of the British beer experts making up the tasting panel, a crack team comprising a pair of beer Sommeliers, a certified cicerone (the US equivalent) and other drinks experts.

Our Krombacher Pils Non-Alcoholic was awarded the highest score in the category “Lagers & Pilsners”.

Pils Non-Alcoholic is Krombacher’s oldest Non-Alcoholic beer specialty. It is produced in combination with Krombacher Pils, from which the alcohol is removed by means of a membrane process and by way of a process known as “interrupted fermentation”. Through this special process the quality of our beer can be preserved – only this way of production allows us to retain all the aromas and the authentic flavour of a Krombacher Pils. The taste can be described as slightly sweet on the palate, the sweetness soon changes to a fine malty flavour and lightly hopped dryness.

Jane Peaton BS, one of the Imbibe beer connoisseurs, commented on our oldest Non-Alcoholic specialty with “More body than I expected for a 0.5% – it’s actually rather moreish,”.

Our Non-Alcoholic wheat beer also scored a very respectable rating and was ranked second in the Wheat Beers category.

This is clear proof that the Krombacher authority and knowledge for producing outstanding Non-Alcoholic beers now goes beyond the Pils category. The Non-Alcoholic wheat specialty is produced by combining two production methods. First and foremost, we use a gentle de-alcoholisation technique (already successfully applied for our non-alcoholic Pils). Secondly, all of our wheat beers are crafted in a separate production plant (brewery within the brewery), which was designed and built specifically to brew all of our wheat beer products.

The fresh banana-like aroma is finely balanced with the wheat malt aromas and light hopped notes. Finely sparkling, the aroma fills the whole mouth and leading to a nice, long finish. current utc time As for all our products, we only use the finest quality ingredients for our Non-Alcoholic specialties and brew according to the traditional art of brewing, relying on our highly safeguarded recipes. All of our beers are “Original Imports from Germany” and only ever produced in one location, Krombach/Germany.



Krombacher International 2014 – a brief review

2014 was a historic and phenomenally successful year for Krombacher International. With an annual growth rate of 5.7%, the magic 200,000 HL hurdle has been hit for the first time ever. Krombacher premium beers are now available to consumers in more than 70 different countries around the world.

The highest volume was achieved in Italy which represents a share on total Krombacher International sales of 20%. The first rank is followed by Spain (14%), Russia (8%), U.K. (6%), South Korea (5%), the Netherlands (5%), the U.S.A (5%), France and China (4% each).

A new continent – South America – has been entered with a focus on Brazil where Krombacher founded a subsidiary and employed a local sales manager.

Pils as the Krombacher flagship is by far the most popular product. Its sales amounted to 80% on total sales. The portofolio is completed by Weizen (15%), Pils non-alcoholic (4%), Dark (3%), Radler (2%), Hell (1%) and Weizen non alcoholic (1%).

On an international basis, Krombacher is clearly an on-trade brand, as roughly 50% of total sales have been realized in a kegged formate. current utc time Bottled beer made up for 29%, cans amounted to 16% and our party SKUs reached the 6% hurdle.

We would like to say „Thank you“ to all members of the global Krombacher family. It’s you who enabled us to obtain this historic result! With this in mind, let’s roll up our sleeves and continue to write the Krombacher International success story!


Top product quality – first place and ‘gold’ award for Krombacher

As part of a widely distributed online survey completed by 250,000 users taking 500 brands from 25 different industries into account, Krombacher has been named as the brand of beer with the highest product quality in the industry and has taken first place in the rankings. This position once again proves the high quality of Krombacher, Germany’s best-selling premium Pils brand. A total of 25 brands from the beer/mixed beer drinks/malt beer category were in the running, 13 of which received the rating ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’.

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