Top product quality – first place and ‘gold’ award for Krombacher

As part of a widely distributed online survey completed by 250,000 users taking 500 brands from 25 different industries into account, Krombacher has been named as the brand of beer with the highest product quality in the industry and has taken first place in the rankings. This position once again proves the high quality of Krombacher, Germany’s best-selling premium Pils brand. A total of 25 brands from the beer/mixed beer drinks/malt beer category were in the running, 13 of which received the rating ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’.

Highest quality ingredients

In Krombach, value has always been placed on the highest quality ingredients. Krombacher Pils is brewed using soft mountain spring water, carefully selected barley and the finest hops. The result of the 250,000 evaluations is again testament to the quality standards maintained by Krombacher’s master brewer.

We guarantee a constant high level of quality.
One of our brewers checking our beer for quality

Even during the sustainability study ‘With a clear conscience’ (in German: ‘Mit gutem Gewissen’) which served as the basis for the test, Krombacher was labelled as exceptionally ecological within the foodstuffs industry and emerged as the leader of the beer/mixed beer drinks industry (cf. Focus Money, 14/05/2014).

Quality, check, control
Our brewmasters during the daily beer quality check

The test

In autumn 2014, the company DEUTSCHLAND TEST conducted a widely distributed online survey together with experts from the Hamburg-based PR Agency Faktenkontor and the market researchers Toluna. 500 brands from 25 industries were placed under scrutiny. The study was based on a total of 250,000 evaluations. The brands included were selected from the study entitled ‘With a clear conscience’ (DEUTSCHLAND TEST, May 2014), which revealed the 500 best-known brands. Users were then asked to evaluate the quality of each brand using a scale from one (for ‘extremely poor’) to ten (for ‘outstanding’). The average rating from all users for each brand was then taken as the value representing product quality. The higher the value, the higher the user perception of the brand quality. Brands which received particularly positive evaluations were awarded the special honour of ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’ depending on the distance between the company and its competitors or the relevant industry average. (Source: Focus issue 50/2014)